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Blue Seas Surfing School

Blue Seas Surfing School is owned and operated by Charlie Smith, a resident of Kauai for over 30 years. Charlie loves surfing and teaching surfing to both kids and adults. Riding waves on both short and long boards is his passion and lifestyle. All ages are welcome and students from 5 to 60 have all learned to surf and ride the waves.

Charlie Smith: A competitive surfer on the Hawaiian Professional circuit and Amateur Champion, Charlie is easy going, friendly and personable. Emphasis for the lessons are based upon standing and riding the waves. Thorough instructions for all levels of surfing from beginners who have never ridden to advanced surfers are available. We specialize in children and family lessons.

Charlie Smith

Charlie grew up in Cocoa Beach, Florida. He learned to surf at age 6 and began competing at 12 in the Eastern Surfing Association in central Florida. In 1978, Charlie came to Kauai with his brother Harry to surf and moved here 2 years later to make Kauai his home. Surfing for fun and competing in surfing contests on all islands in Hawaii has been his lifestyle ever since. Traveling to exotic locations in Bali and Java to surf are his passion and his favorite vacation destinations. His favorite surf spots include the North Shore of Kauai, Indonesia and the Pipeline in Oahu. Surfing with his brother Harry on Kauai and teaching all ages to surf is his daily routine. His other activities include kayaking and hiking. Traveling to Oahu and surfing in both the short and long board divisions of the Hawaii Amateur Surfing Association is a monthly routine at age 49.

Surfing Kauai's west side break, Polihale

Charlie Smith, surfing in Java, Indonesia
Charlie Smith with seven surfing trophies that he won in 2013
Charlie Smith with eight surfing trophies that he won in 2013