Clinics: Small classes at great rates !

Surfing Clinics

Blue Seas Surfing School has weekly surf clinics that offer all types of surfboards. Students begin with BZ soft longboards and then progress to a hard bottom Voodoo surfboards with soft tops. Finally, the students complete the instruction on fiberglass surfboards. Coaching on turning and maneuvering the short fiberglass boards are part of the clinics as well as tips on ocean conditions and avoiding rip currents/undertoe.

Surfing Tours

Information on surf locations and swell forecasts on Kauai are available. Blue Seas Surfing School will take you to a perfect uncrowded surf location and surfboards are provided for advanced surfers that are looking for biger waves. These locations vary depending on the time of year and swell conditions, from the North Shore to the South Shore.

Learning to surf
Learning to surf